Friday, July 9, 2010

Minnesota Twins Card

I received an order for some special cards dedicated to the Minnesota Twins!  I started with the Twins sticker.  It is actually mounted on the inside of the card.  I took the stickers with me to the craft stores to match the colors.  If you are wondering where in the world to get the stickers, I am not sure they are available anymore.  My father-in-law is into sports and has his own business selling sports crafts.  Years ago he purchased these stickers from a Hallmark store.  He had them on hand and when I was searching for just the right thing, he happened to have them in his inventory. Anyway, I used a scallop punch to cut a piece out of the red cardstock.  The blue strip on the side was perfect for pulling out the blues in the logo.  I wanted to dress the card up just a little, but not take away from the focal point being the Twins.  I added the white ribbon and bow to make them a little more feminine and add a touch of class.

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