Friday, July 9, 2010

Baby Shower Card

I created a card for the baby shower I went to this weekend. I had a card on hand, but had already shown it to my sister-in-law, so wanted to do something new. Perhaps when the baby comes I will give her the other card. I used the Cricut New Arrival cartridge along with my Design Studio software and cut out the card on white card stock. Next, I laced a nice pink ribbon through. Using the same cartridge I cut out a two layer outfit. I used white card stock for the under piece and distressed the edges with pink ink. Next I used a fun polka dot paper to cut out the top pieces of the outfit. I wish I would've had a smaller print for the top, but the big polka dots worked okay. I have a lot of paper on hand, so am trying to use what I have and not buy new paper. On a side note, I have been thinking of organizing a paper swap. Each person would put like 5-10 sheets of paper together. Then we'd get together and swap by the package. Sort of like a grab bag in that you wouldn't know what you were going to get. I think it'd be fun! Anyway, after I cut out the top piece, I distressed that with pink ink too. I think it just softens the edges a little. I wanted to add a little something to the outfit, so I used a brad to add on a flower. I love ribbon, especially rikrak. I added just a little to both the top and the bottoms. Now I needed to figure out how to tie this in to the card. I cut out a small hanger and used my silver metallic ink to add just the right sheen to the card stock. After gluing the clothes on the hanger, I added a small silver brad to hang the hanger off of. While the hanger hung really nicely from the brad, I wanted it to be slightly sturdier. I added some foam adhesive to the back of my outfit and voila a baby card is complete!

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