Monday, October 31, 2011

A different kind of card and creation

I'm proud to announce that this evening I published a new card creation. Okay, so it's not exactly like the cards I create and have posted so far.  This is actually a set of playing cards and brand new game that will entertain you for hours!  That's right, I published a new game called Twenty Six. It's a word game mixed with poker to create something incredibly fun! I started working on the game design just a couple of months ago.  My husband listened really well to my vision for the cards. I wanted cards that were distressed on the edges with stamp like flourishes and a typewriter font.  The cards are almost Tim Holtz-esque.  If you love to play games or enjoy playing with words, you will really like my game.  Fortunately, it's available for holiday gift giving!  Purchase a copy to play with your loved ones over the holidays and let me know what you think!  Hope you like playing the game, just as much as I liked designing it!

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